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Three Knitting Row Counters for Android 5

Three knitting row counters for Android

If you have an Android tablet our smartphone, you have a while bunch of apps available to you that will make your knitting life easier. Of those, row counter apps are probably amongst the most useful. Here’s an overview of three of the more popular choices.

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WIP Wednesday

If you follow any craft blogs at all, you’re probably familiar with the concept of WIP Wednesday. But if you’re not, WIP stands for Work In Progress. For some reason, it’s a thing craft bloggers do, showcasing the projects they’re working on on Wednesdays. I don’t know where it started, and who originally came up...

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Knitting News 14 April 2014 – #ANDknitting

The knitting world has been set ablaze by the controversy sparked by this article in the Guardian. It’s a shoddily researched, lazy piece of journalism, which seems really confused about the point it’s actually trying to make. Actually, it doesn’t start off that bad. It proclaims that knitting was, traditionally, considered a...

Create free knitting charts with Chart Minder 2

Easily chart your knitting patterns for free with Chart Minder

As I’m working on the publishable version of the pattern for Bap, I was looking into ways to create a simple chart. I do much of my charting with pen and paper, and I’ve created a few templates to make my life easier. (And because I like to share can download my knitting...

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Knit a bunny for Easter (or some chicks, eggs, flowers or leaves)

Less then two weeks ’till Easter Sunday now (which, incidentally, also happens to be my birthday this year!). Aside from a religious holiday, to me, Easter has always been a celebration of Spring as well. One way or another, it’s a celebration of (new) life. For that reason, I feel...