Monthly Archive: October 2014

Tidal Beach Shawl Pattern 0

Promotion – Get Tidal Beach Half Price

I doubt anyone’s missed the fact that I recently published my first knitting pattern. For those of you that have purchased the pattern, thank you so much. The launch of a first design of my own was very much nerve wrecking, but it’s been quite successful. Tidal Beach even (briefly)...

Halloween Knitting Patterns 0

Halloween Knitting Patterns

Halloween is just around the corner. With it’s dressing up and decorations, it’s vibrant colours and silliness, it’s a holiday that combines just perfectly with knitting. Let’s have a look at a bunch of Halloween related knitting patterns. Pumpkins What’s Halloween without a few pumpkins. Not Halloween, that’s for sure!...

Harry Potter Knitting Patterns 2

Harry Potter Knitting Patterns

Harry Potter and knitting are a match made in heaven. After all, there’s plenty of knitting references in the Harry Potter books. And there’s plenty more mentions of knitted garments, including hats, socks, scarfs, and of course, the famous Christmas jumpers (sweaters) made by Mrs. Weasly. Mind you, I would argue that you...