A home for my stash

I’ve mentioned in passing that I’ve been “between homes”.

The good news is, I finally, after a delay of more than four months (and living with the in-laws) I now have the keys to my new house. My stash, in fact, has already moved in, as has my husband. Me and the little ones will follow on Friday.

The bad news is that this will mean a break in posts here on the Knitter’s Handbook. I’ve been very busy getting things ready to go. I’ve ordered the internet to be installed and hope it will be some time next week but until then my web access will be very limited, and I won’t be able to post.

But stay tuned. I’ll be back soon. There’s a lot of great posts coming up. I’ll have my laptop set up properly for the first time in ages, so I’ll be stepping things up.

In the meanwhile, the last two months have been great. I started this blog as a distraction, but it’s really taken off. Most days I have over a hundred visitors now, and to all of you I want to say, thank you! I’ll be back as soon as I can.

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