A pair of simple knitted socks

I do love knitting socks, but I’m really still a beginner when it comes to them. I’ve knit a total of five completed pairs; and many more single socks that didn’t fit and were turned back into sock yarn.

I’m basically still working out the perfect sock to match my feet and knitting preferences. I know I prefer DPNs over circulars, and I’m quite satisfied that the average sock yarn gives a well fitting circumference at 64 stitches. Aside from that, I still try out different things for heels, toes and sock length each time.


These socks were made with Opal Sock Yarn in the Nightlife colour way. It was the first time I used Opal Sock Yarn, and I really liked it. Nice consistent quality, beautiful colours, works up a dream. Quite good value too. I can see why it’s a popular sock yarn.

I used 2.5 mm needles: I tried 2.25 the last time but found my socks just a tad too tight. I did, however, knit the ribbing on the smaller size in the hope it will stay stretcher for longer; a trick recommended in the Principles of Knitting. I think I like it. So far, the socks are staying up well, although the cast on edge is a bit on the tight side.

For the heel, I went for the Dutch heel option. It’s the heel I knit on my very first pair of socks and I keep coming back to it. I’ve tried different options since then (including a fairly disastrous attempt at a short row heel) but for me, the Dutch heel seems to have the best fit.

I knit the heel flap over half, that is 32, stitches, and 32 rows. I used a heel stitch simply because I like the look of it; in solid colour yarns I like eye of partridge but for self patterning yarns I prefer something simpler.

The toe is a round toe, with the final stitches grafted together. I tried pulling the yarn through before, but I find that grafting is more comfortable.

All in all, I think this is my best fitting pair of socks yet. I made the foot slightly shorter than I used to as I wanted to see if the negative ease would provide a better fit, but I think I’ll go back to my other measurement again on the next pair. Aside from that I just need to ensure a slightly looser cast on next time, but that’s easy to do.

I do love knitting socks!

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  1. Nadia says:

    Great socks! The Dutch heel is also my favourite and the one. I return to every time. The eye of partridge looks fantastic too and I should really knit it again.

    I’ve not used Opal before though I know it is very popular. I am not keen on multicoloured yarn, so I doubt I’ll ever use it.

    I hope you get to complete more socks in the future!

    • Cleio says:

      Opal do solid colour sock yarn as well, I think. But the colour combinations was what really affected me to this particular skein. For solid colour yarns there’s tons of other options out there.

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