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Hat knitting for beginners – the spiral hat

A couple of years ago, when I was relearning to knit, I also ventured my first few steps into knitting in the round. One of the first projects I did knitting in the round was this super simple spiral hat, that can be found on the darn. knit. (anyway) blog.

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Easy baby cardigan knitting pattern: Cute As One Button

I recently blogged about my favourite baby pattern: these booties. I thought I’d share another favourite and quick baby knitting pattern: the Cute As One Button cardigan (do my American friends call this a sweater?).

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Luna Moth Shawl

I may have mentioned before I love knitting lace. Love it. I get tremendous satisfaction out of carefully making sure that each individual decrease and yarn over is in exactly the right place. I love seeing the pattern unfold and then there’s the moment of blocking where it transforms from...