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Knitting Mathematics & Knitted Science

Many knitters, including myself, are fascinated with the science and mathematics behind knitting. And there’s a lot of it, which I think is awesome given that mathematics were long considered a male thing, while it was mostly women that knitted. There’s also plenty of knitting scientists out there. This results...

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Online Stitchionaries

Unless you never knit anything other than from a pattern without making changes, every knitter is going to need a stitch dictionary (or, as some like to call them, Knitting Stitchionaries). There’s plenty wonderful stitch dictionaries in print, and personally this is one thing I still very much prefer to...

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Sock Knitting for beginners – 4 online resources to get you started

Image: My favourite sock DPNs: Karbonz Needles A finished pair of knitted socks: warm feet! A heavily cabled sock WIP So you’ve decided you want to knit socks, perhaps for the reasons I’ve listed in this post. But how do you get started? The idea of knitting socks can be...