Dr Who Knitting Patterns


I only recently started watching some episodes for the first time I know, where have I been) while knitting the first two clues of the Follow Your Arrow Mystery KAL. I figured this would be a good time to explore what Dr Who knits are out there.

For as long as there has been Dr Who, their have been knitters creating Dr Who inspired patterns.

The classic British science fiction show Dr Who recently celebrated its 50th birthday. And it’s still going strong, now that Peter Capaldi has signed up as the Twelfth Doctor.

There’s only one place any discussion of Dr Who knitting patterns can start. Tom Baker, as the fourth doctor, made famous the Dr Who scarf, and many knitters have attempted to recreate it (although apparently it changed from season to season). It even has its very own website!

It’s a knit that will require some dedication because the scarf is long, and it’s just plain garter stitch so nothing to keep it interesting. And think of all the ends you’ll be weaving in. Still, it might be worth it for the sake of having such an iconic item in your wardrobe.


The fourth doctor and his scarf

Of course, you’ll need a hat to go with your Dr Who scarf. To keep your head warm in style, what better choice than this Police Box Slouch Hat

Image © cid

These cuddly Daleks are clearly far less terrifying than the real thing. EXTERMAKNIT! as pattern creator Penwiper calls them. Find the pattern here. (She actually has a couple of other Dr Who knits available: ravelry.


EXTERMAKNIT! - knitted Daleks

Image © Penwiper

If you’re going to knit an army of Daleks, you’ll need the Doctor. Or even better, all the doctors. Good thing Claire Simpson has designed a set of twelve doctor patterns.


Twelve Doctors

Image © Robert JE Simpson, Avalard Publishing

Finally, for a bit of Dr Who related yarn bombing, check out this post in Bookthief without words’ blog. Someone knitted a TARDIS cover for a public phone booth!

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  1. Sadie says:

    I want to make the Twelve Doctor Dolls, but the link doesn’t work. Can you post a diferenet one?

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