Easy baby cardigan knitting pattern: Cute As One Button


Cute As One Button baby cardigan

I recently blogged about my favourite baby pattern: these booties.

I thought I’d share another favourite and quick baby knitting pattern: the Cute As One Button cardigan (do my American friends call this a sweater?).

Knit in Aran weight, it takes no time at all, and the clever construction means there’s none of the much dreaded seaming required. Although there is some picking up of stitches involved.

The pattern was designed by one of the ladies of a yarn shop in the centre of Dublin city that I frequent; I received it for free when I purchased the yarn, but if you’re not lucky enough to be near This is Knit, the pattern can be bought for only €3.

The purple one pictured was made for my firstborn who wore it on the way home from the hospital. She was a tiny baby and it was far to big for her.

The cardigan is now in use by baby #2; don’t worry, she didn’t only get the hand me down knits from her big sister. My Color Affection shawl was knit with her in mind.

If you fancy making your own, the pattern can be found on ravelry.

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