Five Christmas Knits you still have time to complete


Five Christmas Knits you still have time for

Christmas is one week away today. If you’re like me, you had all the best intentions to make a pile of hand knit gifts for your deserving loved ones, but never quite got around to it.

Fear not, there’s still time to make some. Here’s a couple of ideas.

  1. Christmas Bauble
  2. A Christmas baubles knits up quickly and what could be more appropriate for the season? It doesn’t take much yarn either, so you’ll almost certainly already have enough yarn in your stash; no need for a trip to the shop. A bit of left over sock yarn would be perfect.

    To make the baubles even more special you could for example embroider the recipient’s name on it.

    A (and free!) pattern can be found on Ravelry.


    Knitted Christmas Baubles

    Image: © General Hogbuffer

  3. Finish a WIP
  4. It is an inescapable truth that knitters do not like seaming. Many of us have projects sitting in our closets that are all but finished, but never quite will be. All the knitting is done, but you just never can muster the courage it takes to weave in those ends and sew together those seams.

    So have a good look through your WIPs and see if there’s anything that can be finished off just in time for Christmas.

    Personally, I’ll finally be putting poor Sheldon the Turtle together. I knit him over Christmas two years ago for my then unborn eldest daughter. He can now be a present for her two month old baby sister.


    Sheldon the Turtle

  5. Washcloth
  6. Everybody needs a washcloth. Everybody.

    Washcloth are the granny squares of knitting. It’s an opportunity to try out new stitches. It knits up quickly and most knitters have a stash of cotton somewhere so again, no trip to the shop required.

    A ravelry search turns up a great many free patterns, but it’s easy to make up your own. Just pick a stitch you like the look of (for example, from one of the the online stitch dictionaries listed here), cast on and knit until you have a square.

  7. Chunky hat or scarf
  8. This one will probably take a trip to your local yarn store, but I think you’ll be able to get over that.

    Get some nice chunky yarn and knit a scarf or hat. Or maybe both. The bigger the yarn, the quicker it will be, it’ll simply fly of the needles.

    The key is to pick the right yarn. Get something luscious, like a merino. Or something festive, like this sparkly stuff.

  9. Voucher

  10. This one might be controversial, but I think it’s a good idea. Rather than presenting someone with a hand knit, give them the promise of a hand knit. Tell them that you prefer to consult them for size, colour and materials. This way, you can ensure the person actually ends up with something they like.

    Because you do want to wrap something up, be creative and make a nice voucher that you can stitch in an envelope and under the tree.

    You can then knit the actual item at your leisure, released from the pressures of Christmas.

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  1. Ritchil says:

    I think the voucher is a great idea! Thanks for sharing!

  1. December 9, 2014

    […] popularity of last year’s post on quick last minute Christmas knits is the evidence that I’m clearly not the only one. In continuation of this trend, I give you […]

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