Hot on the Needles – What to knit in April 2014


Hot on the needles - What to knit in April 2014


  1. Escapology Socks, © enk
  2. Felt Messenger Bag, © enk
  3. Flaming Hat, © Lady in Yarn
  4. Looking back, © Tuulia Salmela
  5. KC, © h-e-l-i
  6. Shire Aran, © GlennaC
  7. La Primavera Indosso, © Natascia sartini
  8. Noe Valley Sweater, © Katherine Lee
  9. Oranje, © Ann Weaver

Spring is here. The daffodils are in full bloom around Dublin, the birds are nesting and the sun is out most some days. We go to the park almost every morning and we no longer have to cover up in big heavy coats. Now let’s hope it will stay that way!

The coming of Spring and the (promise of) better weather clearly has affected knitters as well. Sweaters are the name of the game this week. And why not? Nothing better than a light sweater to cover up on a still somewhat chilly Spring day. Actually, in many places in the world you’re going to need something like that year round (you sure do here in Ireland!) and Spring is the time to knit these items.

Now, before I continue, I must confess I’ve never knit an adult size sweater. I’m scared of them. Yes, that’s right, scared. Terrified of the size of the commitment in cost and time coupled with the potential for it to go completely wrong. I’ve knit baby sweaters, but never and adult one. It’s on my bucket list, but for now I’m sticking to shawls and socks and hats and things.

Anyway, if you do not suffer from the same fears, there’s plenty of lovely new patterns to choose from this Spring. There really is something for everyone:


KC © h-e-l-i

Shore Aran

Noe Valley Sweater

La Primavera Indosso

Looking Back

Non sweatery stuff
If you are like me, and do knit sweaters for whatever reason, there’s still plenty of other projects to choose from. I absolutely love the Flaming Hat. This Felt messenger bag looks like a great and practice project. And who wouldn’t want to walk with these Escapology Socks on their feet?

I can only highlight some of the many great patterns that come up every month, so if you want to see more and get (more or less) daily updates on what’s the latest popular knitting patterns are, be sure to follow my dedicated Pinterest board!

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