Hot on the Needles – What to knit in May 2014

What to Knit in May 2014

Top left: The Emperors New Scarf (© Lucy Neatby). Top Right: Baby Bunny Booties (© Sylvia Leake). Bottom left: World’s Best Kitchen Scrubbie (© Staci Perry). Bottom right: 8-ern Wasser (© Renate Schattschneider)

We’re due another look at what knitters around the world are working on right now. In May 2014, there’s form fitting sweaters, holey scarfs and socks for happy feet.

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Personally I’ve finally finished Catkin, so now I’m playing catch up on my Follow your Arrow shawl; I’m hoping to get it done in the coming week! In the meantime, I’ve also cast on a plain old pair of socks, just to relax with. I purchased a lovely skein of affordable yet very colourful at my LYS the other day and I’ve already finished one of the pair of socks.

Form Fitting 

Even though Spring is in full swing now and Summer is just around the corner, knitters are looking to keep themselves warm with sweaters and cardigans. The trend is definatively for form fitting garments. Lace and cable accents are everywhere. Colourwise it’s stripes and pastels. Don’t believe me? Just check the patterns of the recently published Spring/Summer edition of the Twist Collective magazine to see what I mean.

The Yarn Harlot Effect: Holes

Holey scarves are all the rage right now. First up we have Aranzini. Even more popular though is the Emperor’s New Scarf. The latter has suffered from what I call the ‘Yarn Harlot effect’. The Yarn Harlot is, of course, the most popular knitting blogger in the world, and once she announces she’s knitting a certain pattern half the world is sure to follow. It’s happened to a bunch of patterns, like Color Affection previously, and it’s happened now to this pattern. I have to say though, that the Yarn Harlot has good taste. I really like the Emperor’s New Scart, and especially the versions with a contrasting colour crochet around the edges of the holes. Very nice.

Socks for Happy Feet

If you like to knit socks, everybody is talking about the recently published Happy Feet: Unique Knits to Knock Your Socks Off by Cathy Carron.

Wool People 

Wool People 7 was published, and justifiably attracted quite a lot of attention. Some very classy designs in there that will be a great addition to any wardrobe.

Other stuff

These bunny booties are adorable, will keep little feet nice and warm, and like the emperor’s new scarf surged into popularity due to the Yarn Harlot effect. An odd one, but very useful, is the World’s Best Kitchen Scrubbie. An amazing use of self striping sock yarn is used in the 8-ern Wasser Fingerless mitts. And for the fans of an MKAL, the Game of Thrones one has only just started on Ravelry!

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