How I ended up knitting Colour Affection anyway

In the spring and summer of 2012 the knitting world went through an obsession with the shawl pattern Color Affection.

It kept popping up everywhere. The yarn harlot was knitting one. My LYS organised a KAL which, they claim, turned into their most popular of all time.

I was not interested for the longest time. I watched from the distance without any intention of ever trying the pattern myself. It was just not my sort of thing.

Sure, it’s a shawl, and I do like love knitting shawls. But:

It is asymmetrical. I can’t stand things that are not symmetrical.

It is garter stitch. I hate knitting large stretches of garter stitch.

It is color work. I hate doing color work, no matter how simple, as I always end up with a tangle of yarn.

In the end though, much as I dislike doing color work, I love the look of knitted items with well considered color combinations. And this is why I end up attempting a color work project once or twice a year anyway. I always regret it, and rarely finish the project.

Such was also my downfall with Color Affection. Seeing so many of them I really wanted to have one in a color combination of my own. And so I caved and jumped on the band wagon.

I had a pile of Drops Baby Alpaca Silk in pale blue that was given to me, and spent a long time considering the colors to go with it and in what order to knit up the whole thing.

I’ll admit, I did NOT enjoy knitting this shawl. But I persevered and I’m glad I did because I love the end result and wear it all the time.

I knit it when very pregnant with baby #2 and have been using it as a nursing shawl. It’s lovely and big and warm and snuggly and baby has spent a lot of time wrapped in it as here in her auntie’s arms. I intend for her to have this shawl when she’s a bit bigger.


baby wrapped in color affection shawl

Secretly I’m even considering knitting another one.

It certainly is a great pattern, if it’s your sort of thing to do color work and loads of garter stitch. Very well written, and clever construction.

Many people advocate making the edges as loose as possible, suggesting different increases than the one in the pattern and putting in extra yarnovers. I didn’t, instead knitting the shawl exactly as written. My shawl naturally takes a crescent shape which I really like and would be lost with loser edges. I didn’t block aggressively, instead just following the shape the shawl wanted to take. Of course, it’s probably a matter of preference.

Ravelry page for my ‘jumping on the bandwagon’ Color Affection.


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  1. May 14, 2014

    […] for my upcoming experiment. After much changing my mind, I eventually settled on an old favourite,┬áColor Affection. I love that shawl so much, it really deserves better pictures […]

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