Knitnews 12 August 2014

#knitnews 12 August 2014

#knitnews 12 August 2014

A shop entirely made out of felt, Male Knitting in Iceland, Knitting and the Great War. 

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A shop entirely made out of felt

Okay, so the building (as far as I can tell) isn’t actually felted. But everything else in this cornershop is made out of felt, and I think it’s absolutely amazing. All the things you can get in other shops of this type: cans of coke, chocolate bars, beer, cigarettes, and even a home pregnancy test. And you can purchase these items like you normally would. Simply wow.

Male Knitting in Iceland

An article written by a male Icelandic knitter. An interesting read, that goes into some of the history of knitting in Iceland, and how it fits into Icelandic society. What I like about it is that it shows that knitting is an art that very much alive and well in Icelandic society.

Knitting and the Great War

It can hardly have escaped anyone that the Great War, or World War I, began 100 years ago.None now remain that have an active memory of it, but it is still only a few generations ago. Taking place in the modern era, the Great War has left behind many very easily accessible sources on all aspects of it. Crafting, and in particular (sock) knitting as part of the war effort is but one of these aspects, but if you’re a knitter, it’s obviously an interesting one. I’ve covered this topic on this blog before, but there’s been more articles again. For example, here and here.

It makes for fascinating reading. You see the ‘knitting is not a hobby, it’s an post-apocalyptic life skill” meme popping up on the internet all the time. Reading such articles as the above makes me realise that although it’s obviously mostly meant as a joking around sort of thing, there is some truth in it. Only just outside of my own lifetime, my mother knit not just as a hobby, but because it was a cheap way of providing the family with good quality hats and scarfs and sweaters. Who knows. We could well eventually end up again in a situation where hand knits will be a highly prized necessity, rather than a luxury.

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