Knitnews 21 July


The search for a 75 year old knitting pattern, Design your own beanie, Knitting stoned, Tour de France bunting (again).

The search for a 75 year old knitting pattern
The Calgary Herald received a note in the post with 20 cents included. The money was payment for a knitting pattern advertised in the paper 75 years ago.

As the payment was correct the paper’s staff started digging through the archives, but sadly, to date they’ve yet to find the pattern in question.

Design your own beanie
This website lets you design your own beanie hat. You can even upload your own picture and see your designed modelled on your own head to make sure it looks good on you.

Note: at the time of writing this post, the website was down, but I tried it out before and I’m sure it’ll be back soon!

Knitting stoned
I’m from a country where many drugs, including cannabis, were for all intends and purposes legal, but I’ve never used any drug aside from a drink or two over the weekend, nor have I any particular desire to. I therefore won’t be trying this one out for myself, but apparently knitting and being stoned go together very well. I suppose it’s the meditative quality of the repetitive movement. I’d imagine you wouldn’t want to do any complicated lace or cables or anything though.

Tour de France bunting (again)
What? The knitted Tour de France burning is still in the news? Yes it is!


At this rate the saga will still be ongoing by the time the Tour de France itself is over.

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