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The Lost Sock, Knitting at the Movies in 1917, the Ultimate List of 31 Reasons why Knitting is Healthy.

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The Lost Sock
An interesting story got posted on Ravelry this week. The poster had found a single hand knit sock in an airport and was hoping to track down the owner.

Then, the Yarn Harlot picked up the story which of course meant it was all over the internet and on Twitter.

Apparently, the sock even made an appearance on the radio.

Sadly though, it still hasn’t been reunited with its owner.

Knitting at the movies in 1917
This article reviews a 1917 fashion supplement. It makes for fascinating reading.

As you’d might expect, the war had a great influence on ladies’ fashion that year. Lounging at summer parties in frilly dresses would be in bad taste, and many women were working for the war effort. Practical clothing was needed, including (gasp!) trousers!

The war required all sorts of knitted items, from simple wash cloths to socks and sailors’ jackets. Many women took to carrying their knitting bags with them wherever they went so they could knit a few rows in any spare moment they had.

Knitting in the cinema was a challenge though: very easy to drop stitches in the dark.

The ultimate list of 31 reasons why knitting is healthy
We all know knitting is good for you, and I’ve linked to articles before of studies that prove it. Now Lion Brand has made the ultimate big list of 31 reasons why knitting is a great hobby.

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