Knitted Christmas Decorations

knitted christmas decorations

I confess, I always struggle getting my act together for Christmas (or Cmismas, as my toddler calls it). I know people start their Christmas knitting in the summer (or even work on it all year round) but I just can’t manage that.

The popularity of last year’s post on quick last minute Christmas knits is the evidence that I’m clearly not the only one. In continuation of this trend, I give you a list of knitted Christmas decorations, most of which can be thrown together with scraps of yarn in a spare couple of moments here and there. Ideal for the last minute Christmas knitter!


Christmas decorations means Christmas trees, and Christmas trees means baubles. And what do you know, you can knit them too!

You could use this free Christmas Bauble Pattern, but as a bauble is essentially just a sphere, you can easily improvise by using any pattern for a roughly spherical shaped object.

I like these cute animal baubles as well, with the pattern available on etsy.

Knitted Animal Christmas Baubles © Amy Gaines

Knitted Animal Christmas Baubles © Amy Gaines


Another element traditionally associated with Christmas are stars. This free pattern by Drops would be lovely in a tree or hanging in front of a window.

Knitted Christmas Star © Drops

Knitted Christmas Star © Drops

Christmas Bell

Don’t like stars or baubles, or just fancy a bit of variety? How about a Christmas Bell?

Knitted Christmas Bell © Ameria

Knitted Christmas Bell © Ameria

Mini socks = Advent Calendar

I spotted this last year, and I think it’s such a lovely idea: an advent calendar out of little hand  knit socks.

It’s really good for using up bits of yarn as well!

You could easily get creative, by making up your own little sock pattern, using any colour combination you can think of of choosing various other patterns. Ravelry actually has quite a few small sock patterns available.

Admittedly, advent has already started, so technically it’s too late to do this one properly. However, you could get a headstart on next year and just use those wee socks as decorations for now. Because they are really adorable.

knitted sock advent calendar © Alison Guinee

knitted sock advent calendar © Alison Guinee


Christmas Wreath

There are lots of patterns for knitted Christmas wreaths. Many of these are probably quite a bit more work than a bauble or too, but the results are often stunning. Also, remember that’ll these decorations will last a lifetime so it’s probably worth investing the time!

Alternatively, try a wreath dishcloth.

Knitted Christmas Wreath Dishcloth

Knitted Christmas Wreath Dishcloth

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