Knitting for Charity


With all the attention for the penguin affair recently, it’s worth dedicating a post to charity knitting.

One of the great things about knitting as a hobby is that you turn something relatively unexciting into a beautiful and often useful item.

But many good causes and charities really appreciate knitting too.

Types of charity knitting
Knitting for charity takes two basic forms. One is by creating items that are functional and of use in a practical manner: the penguin sweaters are a good example of this. This is great because as with the penguins, you are often creating unique items that are very difficult to obtain otherwise.

The other type is selling knitted items and donating the proceeds to a charity of choice. The beauty of this second type is that you can use your knitting hobby to support pretty much any charity you want.

Think local
If you do want to do a bit of charity knitting, it would be my advice to think local.

While the penguin camping captured knitters’ interest globally, it meant the charity became somewhat overwhelmed with sweaters to the point where they were no longer using them for actual real life penguins.

With a bit of searching around, you’re sure to find a local effort that will be grateful of your knitted creations. For example, if animals are your thing, contact a local shelter. You will likely find that they would be most happy to receive toys and other items. Once you know what they need, it’ll be easy to find patterns on ravelry, but your local shelter might well have some too.

Hats and things
I remember my granny knitting dozens of hats for the Romanian poor. Her church ran a partnership program with a local church over there who would distribute the hats (and other items, but my granny only knit hats) to those in need of warm wintery woollies.

This sort of thing is still a valid pursuit of the charity knitter. Your own church might run a similar program. Or, if you live in a colder climate, a local homeless shelter will likely be very grateful to receive warm woolly items.

One cause I personally love donating to is the maternity hospital my children were born in. It is incredibly difficult to find hats and cardigans small enough for premature babies, and the parents of those little ones often have enough on their mind to need to be worrying about clothes. The hospital therefore always takes donations of handknits in tiny sizes. They even provide guidelines for sizes and materials. Check your local maternity ward or hospital, they could well have a similar program running.

Thinking outside the box
You might be surprised how knitted items can come in handy. I mean, who could have thought penguin sweaters were actually a thing.

Another surprising knit related charity I came across recently is knitted knockers. Basically, it’s provided breast cancer amputees with a knitted replacement boob. A wonderful cause, I think.

If you want to sell your knitting for charity, there’s a few ways you can go about it.

You can just sell your items, online or to friends or however you can and set the money aside for your chosen charity.

You can also donate items to a good cause that’s holding an auction or crafts market to raise funds. These pop up all the time, and they usually are most grateful for donations.

I’d love to hear what good causes others are knitting for. Please share in the comments and gain some exposure for your charity at the same time!

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