Knitting News 10 February 2014 -The Olympic edition


The week’s knitting news is all about the Olympics. The uninitiated might wonder how knitting and the Olympic games could possibly be connected. In quite a few ways, actually!

  • The Ravellenic Games

    The Ravellenic Games used to be known as the Ravellympics before the widely publicized controversy ahead of the 2012 summer Olympics.

    If you’re on ravelry, you’ve already heard of it, and you don’t really need me to introduce it further. If not, well, it sort of a cross between an Olympic games viewing party, a knitting team sport and a massive online stitch and birch group.

    Seeing as I’m in the process of moving into my new house (finally got the keys last Friday!) I’m not participating myself but am still following the events with interest as quite a few of my friends, both online and offline, are competing.

  • Olympic outfits

    One of the fun things of the Olympics, aside from the sport, is also seek g the mad designs the various countries subject their poor athletes to. As you might expect with the Olympics, there’s a bit of knitting involved.

    Most of you will of course be familiar with the obvious example: the team USA sweaters designed by Ralph Lauren. They cased a bit of a controversy with many hating the design, though at least the yarn was both produced and dyed in the USA this time: the outfits for the 2012 Olympics had been produced in China.

    But the team USA is not the only one in knitwear. Andorra are also wearing knitted sweaters, and much nicer ones too, in my opinion. A variety of other teams are wearing accessories such as hats and scarves. For a lovely review of the various team outfits, see here. I’m sorry to say that neither the Dutch (I’m from Holland) nor the Irish (live in Ireland with Irish husband and children) had very imaginative outfits!

  • And some actual Olympic knitting too

    The image of the Finnish snowboarding coach went through the knitting world in the last few days. He’s working on a scarf while the actual athletes are getting ready for their run.

    It gets even better. Others in the Finnish Olympic team will work on the scarf, which will then be handed over to the Finnish team for the next summer Olympics.

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