Knitting News 10 March 2014

  Knitting News 2014

It’s Monday, so we’re back with some of the stories that captivated the knitting world in the past week. In this week’s news: an indepth look at yarn bombing, the truth behind the penguin sweaters, and tortoise and snail cozies.

An indepth look at yarn bombing

Two articles on the conversation, an online magazine based in the academic community, took a closer look at yarn bombing and its societal meaning. While acknowledging that its primary function is generally just to beautify public spaces, the authors see yarn bombing in the context of a new way of civil protest. It’s very visible, yet none threatening. They also link yarn bombing to feminism, as the practice takes an activity that is generally considered to be female, but useds in new, innovative ways.

Some seriously interesting stuff. The articles can be found here and here.

The truth behind the penguin sweaters

I linked to it here several weeks ago call for penguin sweaters has really became extremely visible in the last week. That being said, anyone considering answering the call for knitted penguin sweaters should read this article as well.

While the call for penguin sweaters is real, there’s a couple of things to bear in mind. Firstly, chances are your sweater won’t be used on a penguin, but rather on a toy as a fundraiser. And secondly, unless you’re in Australia or New Zealand, shipping is going to be very expensive. If you really want to help penguins, you might consider a cash donation instead.

Actually, though the penguins are cute, if you want to knit for charity it could be worth considering looking closer to home. There’s bound to be somewhere local that’ll gratefully receive knitted items for its cause.

Tortoise and snail cozies

For our last item, we’re sticking with the animals, but taking a slightly lighter note.

Check out the work of Katie Bradly. She creates cozies for tortoises and snails! Some very cute things there. She was featured in an article on fox this week.

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