Knitting News 17 March 2014

knitting news 17 march 2014

This week we have penguins (again), artists unravelling high fashion knitwear, and yarn bombing the Tour de France.

Happy Paddy’s Day everyone!

I realise for most of you it’s not a national holiday as it is for me and my family, but I hope you all get to enjoy it anyway. We’ve had a lovely day so far. Baby managed to sleep ’till seven, and the toddler to eight, which pretty much counts as a lie in these days. We had a trip to the park, a drive to the coast, and we’ll get a Chinese (not very Irish, I know) later and watch The Lion King, which the toddler received for her second birthday a few weeks ago.

Paddy’s day or not, it’s still monday, so here’s this weeks news.

Penguins – again

The penguin story┬ájust keeps on coming. There’s a lot of conflicting information, and to me, it’s now not at all clear anymore what, exactly, is happening with all these penguin sweaters. Are they used at all? On penguins or on plushies for promotion purposes? Is the story real or is it just a rehash from an older one? There’s a ton of news articles to be found if you wish to try and make sense of it yourself.

My opinion? I’ll repeat what I said last week. If you want to knit for charitable purposes, there’s bound to be a project near you taking donations, with more local and confirmed need. Just sayin’.

High fashion unravelled

A lot of the fancy fashion brands incorporate knitwear in their collections, sometimes even handmade. Many use lovely, expensive yarns too. As we all know though, as soon as it’s last season’s fashion, it won’t even get a look in.

Based on this idea, two Dutch artists have taken some of these ‘old’ items and unravelled them, displaying the resulting balls of luxury yarn with the original labels attached. I like it. It brings back such a high price item to its (somewhat) humble origins, highlighting that for all its temporary desirability it’s ultimately nothing but a processed ball of yarn. The artists also aim to show the fleeting nature of clothing in high fashion.

Check out the story here.

Yarn bombing the Tour de France

The Tour de France is coming to the UK this year, and Cambridge is one of the cities it will pass through. Cambridge knitters want to use the occasion to fix the eye of the world on their city by yarn bombing the place. Love it! (And if you’re near, they need your help!).

See the BBC story.

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