Knitting News – 3 February 2014


Human hair yarn, the knitting robot, and a great opportunity for aspiring UK knitwear designers.

Welcome to the ninth installment of our weekly update of knitting related news stories. This week’s news:

  • Yarn made out of human hair
    I’m not sure what to call this. An innovative use of materials? Frugal? The ultimate knitterly expression of love? A Chinese lady spent eleven years collecting each long hair she’d loose and combining them into strands to knit this shirt and hat for her husband. The story has been all over in the past few days and rightly so, because even if you have some reservations about her choice of materials (as I do) you have to admire her dedication.

  • Agnes Roboknit
    Meet Agnes, the knitting robot. She even has her own Facebook profile! She sticks to loom knitting, having found that needle knitting involves movements to complicated for her mechanical motor skills.

  • Britain’s next knitting designer
    If you’re in the UK and an aspiring knitting patterns designer then
    this competition is for you. Yarn shop Love Knitting is offering a price of £1000 and, best of all, mentoring by top knitting pattern designer Debbie Bliss and work experience with fashion designer Emilio de la Morena. Both are also amongst a host of top class judges in the competition. You need to design and enter a unique pattern before 30 April 2014. The competition is open to UK residents over 16 and is primarily aimed at fashion students and the like. If you fall into that category it could be a fantastic opportunity.

For the latest stories check the live news feed. If you have a knitting news story you want me to share, please feel free to contact me.

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