Knitting News 3 March 2014


Four million knitters, a blind knitter and knitted soccer boots

Four million knitters, a blind knitter and knitted soccer boots.

And we’re back!

At last. It’s taken a good bit longer than I expected. Partly because I was underestimating how much work moving in was going to be. Partly because it’s not so much that it’s that much work, it’s just hard getting things done with a toddler (literally) getting underfoot. Partially also because the baby was teething and I wasn’t getting much sleep (two bottom teeth cut now, yay!). And partially because we had a bit of difficulty convincing UPC that our address does indeed exist. It’s a new street and all that, but given that they themselves put connection points in the house one would think they know it exists. But anyway.

Everything is now up and running, telecommunications-wise, and we’re getting to be nicely settled in.

As it’s Monday, we’re kicking off regular proceedings with our usual Monday feature, Knitting News.

  • Four Million
    It’s been called the ‘Facebook of knitting’. It’s known controversy in it’s time (ravelympics, anyone?). It’s without a shadow of a doubt the largest collection of knitting patterns out there.

    I’m talking, of course, about ravelry. The website recently welcomed its four millionth member. Quite an accomplishment, and clear evidence that the fibre arts are ever growing in popularity as a hobby. It also is very clear that the internet and knitting are two things that do, indeed, work very well together.

    They put together a very cool page of statistics that’s well worth a look.

  • Blind knitting
    Most knitters with a bit of experience can work simple stitch patterns without looking at their work too much.

    This woman, however, takes blind knitting to a whole new level. She is actually completely blind, and she is knitting sweaters. Talk about amazing.

    Check out the story here.

  • Knitted soccer boots
    Despite being Dutch, where soccer is the most popular sport going, I don’t actually enjoy watching it at all, but this caught my attention anyway.

    A high profile soccer player has been promoting adidas’ latest product, which is knitted soccer boots!

    It looks pretty cool, and it just goes to show how versatile knitted fabric can be.

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