Knitting News #4


Welcome to the 4th installment of our weekly update of knitting related news stories. I search the internet for the best and most interesting knitting related news.

For the latest stories check the live news feed.

If you have a knitting news story you want me to share, please feel free to contact me.

This week’s news:

  • Hot right now: Maple Leaf Shawl
    Every now and then there’s a pattern that just takes the knitting community by storm. This summer it was Color Affection.Right now it’s this Maple Leaf Pattern. Although the shawl has only 28 projects so far on ravelry, I can see the pattern popping up everywhere at the moment.

    It’s easy to see why. It’s not an overly complicated pattern but the clever design combined with the choice of yarn colour in the sample pictures make for an absolutely stunning result. I’m expecting the project count on ravelry to be exploding soon.

  • Knitting trends for 2014
    2013 is nearly at an end, and yarn manufacturer Lion Brand looks ahead to the new year.So what can we expect to become the popular thing in knitting in the coming year? According to Lion Brand, it will all be big chunky knits, consciousness about making your own using locally produced yarn, and hats. Yeas, hats are going to be *the* must knit item for 2014. If you’re trend conscious that is. I might just keep doing my own thing.
  • Knitting mouldy food in 3d
    I love this interview with scientist Dominique Kähler. This very smart lady lets sausages grow mouldy for entertainment, and relaxes by knitting up 3d models of her favourite food items for entertainment.

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