Knitting News #5


Knitting News

Welcome to the 5th installment of our weekly update of knitting related news stories. I search the internet for the best and most interesting knitting related news.

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If you have a knitting news story you want me to share, please feel free to contact me.

This week’s news:

  • Knitting is the #5 ‘how to’ search of 2013
    Like it or not, Google is pretty much all powerful when it comes to searching in the internet these days. And because so much of our lives take place online, what people search for over the course of a year gives an interesting insight in what’s going on in our society.

    Enter Google Zeitgeist. Every year the company publishes a list of the world’s most searches for things.

    And guess what? ‘How to knit’ was #5 on the list of ‘how to’ searches. Just goes to show you that knitting is become more and more popular.

    Crochet was even more popular, by the way. How to crochet came in third, after drawing and kissing, with meditate taking up the final spot in the top 5 before knitting.

  • Knit Botany
    It’s a long way from Ireland so I won’t get to go personally, but if you happen to be near the Brooklyn Botnaic Garden before 22 January, you should stop in. They’ve added tons of fibre to the organic plant life there.

    Some pictures of the stunning pieces of fibre art can be seen here. It looks absolutely amazing.

  • Your Knitting can fly
    We all know there’s few better ways to get through a plane ride then knitting (once you get past the stress of getting your needles through security, of course) but a group of UK knitters is quite literally making knitting fly.

    As part of a fund raising effort of a hospice, there’s a call for knitters to turn in dk squares. These will combined to make a sail for a hang glider.

    Check it out here. If you happen to be near you might even want to consider donating.

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