Knitting News #6


Welcome to the sixth installment of our weekly update of knitting related news stories. I search the internet for the best and most interesting knitting related news.

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If you have a knitting news story you want me to share, please feel free to contact me.

This week’s news:

  • Yarn bombing
    We all know about yarn bombing. It’s hardly news at this stage. But I did come across some remarkable yarn bombed items this week that I’d thought I’d share

    What about this yarn bombed sheep for one?



    And it appears the latest craze is to replace boring old garden fences with knitted ones. I love this idea. If I had a garden to put a fence around, I’d definitively consider doing it.

    I’m not sure how practical it is, but yarn bombed lawnmower does look awesome.

    And if you fancy participating in a bit of yarn bombing of your own, why not contribute to this initiative to knit, get this, a *beach hut cozy*!

  • You can find more yarn bombings on Facebook.

  • Russia’s largest hat
    I know, I know, the upcoming winter Olympics in Russia are the topic of much controversy.

    Still, I think everybody can approve of Russia’s largest hat being knitted to celebrate the occassion. Everybody likes hats, surely? Especially hand knit ones.

    The woolly hat will be 20 ft tall and will fit a head 65 ft in diameter. About 160 pounds of yarn will be required for the project which is worked on by a team of knitters.

     Check the story here.

  • The Guardian calls for pictures of knitted scarves
    The renowned UK newspaper, the Guardian, has a section on it’s website called the Guardian Witness, where it allows the public to upload their own pictures.

    They are now calling for submissions of hand knit scarves. The best pictures will be featured in the paper in February. This is your chance to make your knitting famous!

2 Responses

  1. polly says:

    I love to see these knitted pieces however, where do I get some of these patterns. I am more than a beginner but not anyplace near an expert knitter. I usually knit baby things for great grandkids. Thanks for all replies

    • Cleio says:

      Hi Polly, thanks for your comment, I’m glad you’re enjoying the blog.

      One place to get knitting patterns online is

      It’s a social networking website as well, sort of a Facebook for knitters, crocheters and spinners. You’ll have to create an account and sign in but it’s easy to do and completely free and safe, I promise!

      Once signed in you can see a little button at the top to patterns. This will lead you to a massive database of patterns. Some you’ll need to pay for, but many are free. It’s very easy to search for patterns based on exactly what you need. To get you started, here’s a search for free baby patterns:

      By ticking or unlocking the boxes on the left of the page, you can adjust the search. I hope this helps.

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