Knitting News 7 July 2014


Beanie Festival in Australia, Yarn Cyclists, Knitting in the Shetlands today

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer. I do like this time of year. There’s lots of sports on. Wimbledon is just finished and although the women’s final wasn’t much to write home about, the men’s final was a cracker. The Tour de France has just started, though I don’t follow it much these days. And of course there’s the soccer world cup. Being Dutch, I have much to cheer about so far, though there’s a tough match coming up on Wednesday!

It’s still pretty slow going in the knitting world, but there’s always some news.

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Beanie Festival in Australia
Alice Springs, in the red centre of Australia, is the home of the yearly Beanie Festival.

The festival started in 1997 as a way for Aboriginal women in remote communities to sell their crochet hats. Since then, it has gone from strength to strength and grown every year.

As the organisers say:

The official objects and purposes of our Association are as follows:
(a) Promoting community participation in the arts,
(b) Developing fine art,
(c) Reducing poverty and dependency by developing artistic and entrepreneurial skills,
(d) Promoting reconciliation.

The festival really motivates fibre artists to show off their skills and creativity. Check the website for some amazing beanies.

Yarn Cyclists
I documented the saga of the jersey bunting surrounding the UK start of the Tour the France previously. The Tour is now well underway, and it turns out some knitters have also created yarn cyclists to go into the little jerseys and their bicycles too!

Shetland knitting today
The NPR published this really interesting article on the place of knitting in Shetland society today.

Most knitters are aware that the Shetland Islands have a strong tradition of knitting. Some of the most intricate designs in lace and fair isle come from there.

This article shows that knitting there is, even today, not considered to be something from the past or the pursuit of the older generation. It’s very much something for here and now. I love the idea that people knit simply because that just what you do. I don’t know about you, but I’ve often found myself somehow having to explain why I knit. Now I know what to answer!

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