Knitting News: WWKiP Day (World Wide Knit In Public Day)


This week’s Knitting News is all about the upcoming World Wie Knit in Public Day, which is starting on the 14th of June.

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So, WWKiP Day! Actually, it’s more like World Wide Knit in Public week these days, but it started off as a single day back in 2005 and I guess they just kept the name.

But what is it? Well, the official mission statement is:

Better living through stitching together.

The Facebook page has more info. The idea is that knitting, while fun, can be a very solitary activity. WWKiPD aims to bring knitters around the world together to share their enjoyment of their craft.

The other purpose is to show the general public that there are knitters everywhere, of all ages and genders and colours and convictions. For WWKiP Day, we bring our yarn and needles out in to the fresh air and discover and show off the great community of knitters that exists.

So what does this mean for you?

Well, that depends on where you live. Volunteers run knitting get togethers all over the globe. To find out what’s going on where you live, check the WWKiP Day website.

You can also ask at your local yarn shop. Many run events in honour of the occasion: mine does a scavenger hunt.

I’m really hoping to get a bit of outside knitting done myself. Hopefully the weather will cooperate: it might be June, this is Ireland!

What about you?

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