Online Stitchionaries


Online Stitichionaries

Unless you never knit anything other than from a pattern without making changes, every knitter is going to need a stitch dictionary (or, as some like to call them, Knitting Stitchionaries).

There’s plenty wonderful stitch dictionaries in print, and personally this is one thing I still very much prefer to be in book rather than digital form. Nothing beats browsing the pages of a stitch dictionary for inspiration.

If you’re on a budget, however, or travelling, or just haven’t gotten around to getting one yet, there’s quite a few stitchionaries available online.

The Knitter’s Handbook now boasts a section on online stitch dictionaries which can be found here.

From that list, I just want to highlight my own favourite:

The Knitting Fool

Not only does it have quite an extensive collection of stitches, you can search them visually quite easily. The author of the website also provides charts of many of the stitches, which is a huge bonus in my opinion.

In addition, the website offers a few other nice resources, such as a sweater calculator.

I hope this list will be of use to some knitters out there. If you know of another fantastic online Stitch Dictionary I’ve not yet listed (or of any other fantastic online knitting resource), by all means, leave a comment!

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  1. I really gotta get the knitting techniques down. I want this hobby so back.

    • Cleio says:

      I hear ya. When I first started knitting again a few years back someone gave me a brilliant tip. For each new project, pick something that includes at least one technique that you haven’t mastered yet, being it a particular type of stitch, short rows, using circulars rather than DPNs… Before you know it, you’ll start building a very impressive catalogue of skills. I still aim for this and it’s great giving myself challenges.

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