St. Patrick’s Day knitting

st patricks day knitting

Monday is St. Patrick’s day. It’s Ireland’s national holiday, so we all get a day off, watch the parades, enjoy a bit of family time, and maybe have a drink or two. Of course, Paddy’s day (no, not Patty’s day) is celebrated the world over by the Irish community and anyone who enjoys a little bit of craic.

I’m actually hoping that the husband being off work will give me a bit of knitting time. I’ve got a wedding in May, and I’ve cast on Catkin between the toddler and the baby I don’t have a lot of spare time (or hands) to knit. I still have my Follow your Arrow project to finish as well, but that has gone on a back burner for the time being.

I know I have a lot of American readers, and I also know that in some places in the States Paddy’s Day is a rather big deal, so I hope some of you at least do have some exciting plans for the 17th!

For a bit of Irish inspiration, I’ve compiled the following list:

Shamrock knitting patterns

Symbol of Ireland and St. Patrick is the shamrock. If  you want shamrocks, try a shamrock hat. Or some wire ones. Or charity shamrock. Or if none of that floats your boat, you can design your own shamrock themed item using this shamrock chart.

Aran Knitting

If shamrock’s are just a tat too cheesy and obvious for you, than you can also venture into traditional Irish knitting. Aran cables are, of course, famous, and there’s no shortage of aran patterns on ravelry.

If you want a modern take on traditional Irish design, I highly recommend the work of Carol Feller, and in particular her book Contemporary Irish Knits. This Irish designer has taken some classic elements of Irish knitting and adapted it to modern knitting. She offers both very quick and simple patterns to elaborate sweaters.


But why stick to just patterns? St. Patrick’s day is also the time of year where members of the Irish parliament (somewhat controversially) jet around the world to promote Irish products and business. In the same spirit, here’s a little list of some of Ireland’s finest yarn producers and dyers. If you fancy treating yourself to a fancy skein of yarn, consider one of these and support an Irish business for St. Patrick’s Day!

Donegal Yarns

The Dublin Dye Company

Hedgehog Fibres

Coolree Yarns

These are just some of my Irish favourites, please do share yours as well!

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