Star Wars Knitting Patterns

Star Wars Knitting patterns

Star Wars Knitting patterns

There’s a surprising amount of Star Wars themed knitting patterns out there. Really, there’s a lot. Then again, maybe it’s not so surprising as a lot of knitters do seem to be on the geekier side of the spectrum.

We’ve recently been watching all of the Star Wars films with our two year old. It took a couple of weeks, with just twenty minutes or so every evening after dinner (and we did some editing as well for some of the scarier bits!). She loved it though, ‘dinosaur boy’ (Yoda) is her new hero and she now tries to move her toys around with the force.

Anyway, watching Star Wars again (I recommend the blu ray edition, by the way!) prompted me to have a browse and see what Star Wars knitting patterns are out there. Here’s some of my favourites.



If you have a baby, and like Star Wars, how could you possibly resist this Yoda hat? Find the free pattern on Ravelry.


knitted Yoda Hat,  © Sunshyne.

knitted Yoda Hat, © Sunshyne.



To make the ensemble complete, you might also want this Yoda sweater, and a knitted lightsabre. How great would these be for a Halloween costume?

Knitted Light Sabre © Nori

Knitted Light Sabre © Nori

Knitted Yoda Sweater, ©  JulieFrick

Knitted Yoda Sweater, © JulieFrick

If you prefer something in an adult size, then there’s some hat options for you too. I really like the R2D2 beanie and the Princess Leia hat.

R2D2 Beanie ©  nosmallfeet

R2D2 Beanie © nosmallfeet

Princess Leia Hat ©  BleuArts

Princess Leia Hat © BleuArts


This website offers a large collection of Star Wars colour charts to use and adapt. You could make a Star Wars grannie square afghan!

Death Star
And if you’re in need of defeating your enemies, what could be better than your own knitted Death Star?

Knitted Death Star © Nicole Kostelec

Knitted Death Star © Nicole Kostelec



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