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Android App Review – Knitting & Crochet Buddy

If you’re looking for an android app that allows you to import charts or knitting instructions and highlight the row you’re on, Knitting & Crochet Buddy is probably your best option. Be sure to also check out my other posts on Android Knitting Apps!   The basics The app promises to be an...

Three Knitting Row Counters for Android 5

Three knitting row counters for Android

If you have an Android tablet our smartphone, you have a while bunch of apps available to you that will make your knitting life easier. Of those, row counter apps are probably amongst the most useful. Here’s an overview of three of the more popular choices.

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Android App Review – Knitting Patterns Database Pro

Knitting Patterns Database Pro is a fairly new knitting Android app. Already full of features, it’s under active development, comes with excellent support and is probably one of the best knitting apps out there today. And it’s promising to only get better.