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The Sock Doctor Keyring

This Sock Doctor keyring is now my new favourite sock knitters trinket. I spotted this one on one of the Google+ plus communities I belong to, and I immediately wanted one. I knit a lot of socks; indeed I usually have a sock on the needles in addition to another...

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Sock Knitting for beginners – 4 online resources to get you started

Image: My favourite sock DPNs: Karbonz Needles A finished pair of knitted socks: warm feet! A heavily cabled sock WIP So you’ve decided you want to knit socks, perhaps for the reasons I’ve listed in this post. But how do you get started? The idea of knitting socks can be...

Why knit socks? Five reasons why you should 0

Why knit socks? Five reasons why you should

A lot of people are surprised that I choose to knit socks. Granted, it does seem odd to spend hours making thousands of tiny stitches to create something that will go on a smelly foot and will wear out. After all, socks are cheap to buy., But there is a...