The Sock Doctor Keyring


The Sock Doctor Keyring

This Sock Doctor keyring is now my new favourite sock knitters trinket.

I spotted this one on one of the Google+ plus communities I belong to, and I immediately wanted one. I knit a lot of socks; indeed I usually have a sock on the needles in addition to another project. It’s my go to thing when on the go or when I just need to do something uncomplicated.

That’s why this keyring is such a good idea. You usually have keys with you, and with this on your keys you will have some really important sock knitting information with you at all times as well.

One side shows the anatomy of a knitted sock. Handy for reference when, like me, you generally work without a pattern.

But the sock doctor keyring’s real trick up its sleeve is on the other side. It shows you the steps for grafting. Most people who knit socks top down graft the toes. It’s not really that hard to do, but I think it’s a law of nature that it is simply impossible to memorize the steps. Seriously, every knitter I know seems to need reminding the order of the steps every single time they finish a sock. So what could be better than having this little thing on your set of keys?

I’m expecting to (finally) get the keys to my new house in January. I think this might be my little moving in treat to myself.

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