Traveling Woman

Last spring I found myself with two skeins of Debbie Bliss Rialto Lace. It’s a yarn I love, soft, high quality, yet very affordable and in tons of colours; mine was in a lovely grey. They were meant for a crochet project that I eventually just had to give up as a loss. (I can do basic crochet, and every now and then I get a notion and try to venture into an actual crochet project. It always ends in tears.)

So what to do with the Rialto Lace? A shawl, of course. I love knitting shawls, wear them all the time and there’s always someone who would be most grateful to receive one, meaning I cannot knit too many.

But what shawl? A more difficult decision, as there’s just so many wonderful patterns out there.

Eventually I picked Traveling Woman. Eight thousand knitters cannot be wrong, right?

It’s certainly a very well written pattern. It’s got detailed instructions, row counts, and it includes versions for different weight yarns. For that reason, it’s a pattern I’d highly recommend for novice knitters.

I also really enjoy the end result, and wear my traveling woman shawl all the time.

But it was not a knit I will repeat any time soon. There’s just too many garter stitch rows! In a single colour plain old garter stitch is just plain old boring, as far as I’m concerned.



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