Valentine’s Day Knitting Pattern Ideas

Original image © modicum

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. What could be a better gift to the one you love than something hand knit? It’s a unique item, that you’ve put in considerable thought, time and effort into. Here’s a few ideas for a special Valentine knit.

Infinity scarves are all the rage at the moment, and naturally some clever designers have come up with patterns that combine fashion with the Valentine’s Day theme. Like the Love Love Love Mobius Scarf. It’s made with a technique called double knitting, which means it’s fully reversible.


Love Love Love Mobius Scarf

Image © Anne Penrose-Angley

This Mug Hug is a free pattern, should knit up quickly and doesn’t take much yarn. And who doesn’t want to have a huggable mug for drinking their favourite hot beverage?


Mug Hug

Image © 2012 Coats & Clark

I really like these love birds designed by Alan Dart. I think it would be a marvellous present to a loved one. Give one away, keep one yourself.


Love Birds

Image © Alan Dart

If you like the idea of a toy, but think the love birds are just too lovey dovey (sorry), or if you have a bit of a love/hate relationship with your Valentine, then perhaps these awesome voodoo love me dolls are more your thing.


Voodoo love me

Image © NoKnitSherlock

Lastly, you can always adapt another favourite pattern to make it a bit more valentiny. These free charts are a great way of customizing your knits.

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