What to knit – February 2014


Wondering what to knit next? Have a look at what’s hot on the needles of knitters around the world right now.

The big designers and magazines might be coming out with their spring collections, but looking at the “what’s hot” list on Ravelry, knitters are still in a decidedly wintery sort of mood. Cowls remain very popular indeed, and there’s also plenty of fingerless gloves, snuggly shawls and cozy cardigans.

A sample of recently published patterns that are setting needles abuzz:

  • MKALs

    Mystery KALs are a popular feature on ravelry right now.

    I blogged about Ysolda’s special multiple choice MKAL before, of course. I still think Follow Your Arrow is going to be the pattern of 2014.

    The fourth of five clues was released this Monday. It’s not too late to jump on the band wagon though. Many knitters are running a bit behind on the clues anyway. And many more have plans to knit another shawl after finishing the first one, as depending on which clues you follow there’s 32 different outcomes. Having seen some of the other options so far it is indeed tempting to make another.

    If you want to knit something as a part of an online community of thousands, then this is the pattern for you.

    Aside from this one, however, there’s a couple of other MKALs to choose from.

    The Iris Lace Shawl even features prizes to win. For the Dowton fans, there’s this pattern inspired by the show. And for the sock lovers there’s an option too!

  • Stephen West – Crazy for Color

    Popular designer Stephen West has published a new ebook and the patterns in it are a permanent and very noticeable feature in ravelry’s hot right now list.

    I really like the Rising Dawn shawl, which features an interesting use of slipped stitches. I’m not so sure about Cushy Tushy though. I just don’t think knitted pants are a great idea for anyone over six months old. (Photos © westknits)


    Cushy Tushy & Rising Dawn

  • Green

    Sometimes less is more, and simple is good, as evidenced by the attention for the very basic little shawl Simple Green. Really, knitting a triangular scarf doesn’t get much more straightforward than that, but maybe there are times when that’s exactly what you want.

    Speaking of green, the color played a major part as inspiration for the designs in the Spring 2014 issue of Interweave Knits. I approve. I like green. Some gorgeous designs there. Look at the detail on the Lovebird sweater! (Photo © Interweave)


    The Lovebirds Sweater

  • Pastels and lace
  • Rowan Knitting & Crochet Magazine and Berocco see a spring full of pastels and delicate lace.

  • Unusual

    To finish up, a crochet pattern, but one I just had to mention. Attracting a good bit of attention on ravelry is currently (are your ready for this) a tampon.

    Excuse me? Yes, a crochet tampon! Apparently the creator meant it to be functional although how exactly that would work I shudder to think about. And I’m not alone: read the comments on the pattern on Ravelry to see why this is (in the words of my two year old’s favourite book) really really really really NOT a good idea. You can find the pattern here.


    A crochet tampon. Yes. Really.

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