What to knit – hot on the needles in March 2014

Hot on the needles - What to knit in March 2014

As we’re now well into March, let’s have a look at what knitters around the world are knitting right now. In other words, what’s hot on the needles and just begging to be cast on by you too!

With the recent move and all that I’m not getting much knitting done myself, but I still enjoy drooling over the latest lovely patterns. I’d also love to hear what is on my readers needles right now, so please leave a comment if you can spare a moment. If you want to keep in touch with what’s popular right now, just follow my dedicated board on Pinterest.


Top left: Shift Shawl, © LarissaBrown. Top centre: Striber, © Rachel Søgaard. Top right: Crew, © amymiller. Bottom left: Carradal, © Lucy Hague. Bottom centre: Honey Cowl, © madelinetosh. Bottom right: Katriel, © Robin Ulrich.

Stripes are big this season. And why not? Give your Spring and knitting a little extra colour. Pick fresh greens and bright yellows to stay tuned to the season or just go for the colours and combinations you like.

I’m no big fan of colourwork knitting myself (more than one ball of yarn equals a big tangled mess in my hands) but even I can manage stripes in most cases. And it does look great.

So if you fancy some stripey knitting yourself check out shawls such as Striber, Katriel or the Shift Shawl.

If sweaters are more your thing, then perhaps Crew or Laneway are for you.


Social mystery knitting is as fun as ever. There’s a number of mystery KALs to choose from, such as the Drops of Honey Shawl. Even more mysterious is Magnify, which only states that it’s an accessory.


Cowls continue to be a popular feature. There’s plenty of patterns to choose from. There’s the type that sits snuggly around the neck, and the longer type that essentially a long scarf but knit in the round (or knit as a scarf and later seamed together). Cowls are actually a great knit for beginners and experienced knitters alike, as they can be extremely simple rings of garter stitch or extremely complicated projects with colourwork, lace cables, or whatever strikes your fancy. Because the basic design is so simple, they are really a blank canvas for designers to experiment with. If you wanted to start designing yourself, cowls probably wouldn’t be a bad place to start.

If I do have to highlight one particular cowl pattern it is going to have to be the Honey Cowl. It was Ravelry’s most knit pattern in 2013 and continues to feature regularly on the first page of Rav’s ‘hot right now’ page; unusual for a pattern published four years ago! It’s a free pattern too, so if you want to give cowl knitting a go, this might be a good place to start.

Celtic Cable Shawls

A big hit over the last while has been Celtic Cable Shawls, an ebook of pattens by designer Lucy Hague.

Some truly gorgeous looking cable heavy designs there, featuring intricate celtic knotwork. I particularly like Carradal, which also falls under the current trend of stripes.

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  1. kim dawson says:

    I know I keep seeing all the lovely patterns and am dying to cast it all on but I must finish my socks and I need to knit some squares…. but for my next big project I plan on CO the Basic Bolero from Love of Knittings Winter 2014. I even have yarn bought already :)

    kim dawson recently posted…Love of KnittingMy Profile

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