Why knit socks? Five reasons why you should

A lot of people are surprised that I choose to knit socks. Granted, it does seem odd to spend hours making thousands of tiny stitches to create something that will go on a smelly foot and will wear out. After all, socks are cheap to buy.,

But there is a bunch of reasons to knit socks anyway.

  1. Hand knitted socks can be made to fit perfectly. Trust me, once you’re used to a hand knit sock you won’t want to go back. They are far more comfortable than any sock ypou can buy in the shop.
  2. Sock knitting is a small and light project that is perfect for bring with you. If you are working on an intricate lace scarf at home, you can have a sock for knitting on the bus or in the doctor’s waiting room.
  3. Once you figure out the basic sock recipe, you won’t even need a pattern. Even if plain socks are not your thing, it’s easy to throw in a lace element or a few cables to keep things interesting.
  4. Sock yarn is great. If you’re wealthy, there’s all sorts of delicious yarn to choose from. If you’re broke, like most of us, knitting socks is a very economical option as you can easily get sufficient yarn for a pair of socks under $5. That’s a lot of knitting enjoyment for just over the price of a cup of coffee.
  5. Yes, socks wear out. But in my book, that’s actually a good thing. I love knitting lace shawls too, but there’s only so many shawls you need and only so many people who want one. Because my knitted socks wear out, I’m always going to need more. There’s no such thing as having too many hand knitted socks.

So, break out your needles and sock yarn and get cracking. You can’t call yourself a knitter until you’ve got a couple of pairs of socks under your belt.

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