WIP Wednesday – An end to an absence

WIP Wednesday - An end to absence

I’ve not been posting in the last few weeks. Not here, and not really on Twitter/Facebook/etc either. This absence was not planned, and more or less happened by accident. I was on holidays, visiting my family. I hadn’t been back in a year and a half, and my sisters hadn’t even met my youngest daughter yet. My husband also flew over for a week and we spent a truly wonderful time with beautiful weather in my parent’s beach house. We’re back now, although the husband isn’t back to work until next week, and it’s been lovely just relaxing in our wonderful home.

I had planned to continue blogging as usual during this period. I’ve had a stable internet connection throughout, and I’m used to doing a lot of typing on my tablet anyway, fitting it in whenever the children give me a few moments to myself.

But I found I didn’t want to. I hardly went online at all. I think I needed a true holiday. Away from everything. Usually I enjoy blogging, and look forward to spending a bit of time typing and figuring out what to write about. Now it just felt like pressure. So I didn’t for a while.

I also did very little knitting in the last few weeks. This, unlike my absence in the digital world, was not really by choice. But being home I was just distracted and never seemed to get around to it. I would have liked to knit more, but also didn’t mind that I got little done.

Things are settling down again, back to normal. Probably as a consequence, I find that I want to get blogging again. I’m once again looking at knitting news and what’s hot in the world of knitting patterns. And so here I am.

Of course, the biggest news is that I finally published my first design (Check out the Tidal Beach Shawl on Ravelry too!). It’s been an interesting learning curve, and I thoroughly enjoyed most of it. After publishing I had limited expectations, and was thrilled to see that to date, less than 48 hours after publication, I’ve had five people buy the design. Ten have queued it on Ravelry, and several dozen favourited the design. This result really is much better than I had hoped for.

In the meantime, I’m working on another shawl design. It’s based on my analysis for the Mrs. Montague Stitch pattern; the picture at the top is of the work-in-progress. This one will be much simpler in a lot of ways, as I’m putting into practice a lot of the basics I’ve tried to figure out based on my experiences with designing Tidal Beach. Moreover, and perhaps even more exciting, is the work in progress on an ebook tutorial on how to go about designing your own triangular shawl. I made extensive notes in the last few months (it’s the academic in me) and figured they might be of some use to someone else when drafted properly.

I’ve got a whole bunch of ideas for other designs too, I’ve got a pair of socks to knit with the new Swing Sock yarn by the Dublin Dye Company, and I’m doing a guest post on another blog for Halloween. So much to do, so little time.

In the meantime, I’ve switched from yarn-in-right-hand knitting to yarn-in-left-hand (continental) knitting. It’s slowing me down for the moment, but the idea is that it’ll be significantly faster eventually. It should also (hopefully) be a bit easier on the hands, as I found I was getting some pains in my hands from knitting to much.

So there it is. I’m no longer absent. I’m slowly easing back into things so not full resumption of services just yet, but we’re getting there. Good to see you all again.

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